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  • Tue 3, 2021

Forgiveness Is The Answer

Life comes with a lot of wonderful and amazing experiences, however no one exempt from life’s trials. As much as we attempt our best to minimize the painful experiences, there are some that we just can NOT avoid. If you are a believer, scripture reassures us that everything we will EVER go through has a purpose that IS for our GOOD! While it may not be as easy to accept, it does provide encouragement during those dark times.

Because life provides many colorful happenings, a lot of our pain won’t be inflicted by strangers. Someone that’s not close to you can only hurt you to a certain extent, aside from physical trauma. Some of the worst emotional, mental, and even spiritual pain will come from those we love and who we believed loved as. Friends can break your heart too! Family can betray you! Those that are close to you can abuse their position in your life. AND THIS HURTS TO THE CORE! Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, catches you off guard and leaves you broken like being hurt by someone that said, “I’ll never hurt you”!

Being hurt by someone you love changes you! It changes you in a way that you didn’t know you could change. It causes you to have emotions that are unfamiliar to your natural person. Seriously speaking, the emotional pain can be so intense that it can be felt physically. And, so deep that ONLY God can reach it. Nevertheless, you do not have to live in brokenness.

Many people wrestle with the idea of “forgiveness” because they believe it means disregarding the offense, excusing the offender, or it’s a sign of weakness. That is not the case. Forgiveness is simply, “letting go” and not allowing what happened to keep you in bondage. We can’t change what happened but we can change how we allow what happened to affect us. Many do not understand that UNFORGIVENESS is toxic and it hinders your prayers. Matthew 6:14-15, “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” Because there is no such things as a perfect person, WE WILL SIN! We will offend others! We will HURT someone close to us, right?! And WHEN, not if, this happens, being forgiven will be very important! You’re not forgiving the individual for them, you’re forgiving them FOR YOU!!! For your growth, joy, and future! Forgiveness is a personal decision that’s an essential part of SELF CARE and SELF LOVE!!!

Who do you need to forgive today? What are you holding on to? What has happened that you’re struggling to get over? <– #SeriousQuestion (Think About It)

Let today be the day you forgive WHOEVER and WHATEVER they did to bring you to the pain that you endured. No one can take away your feelings and what you felt during that season, but do not allow what you went through keep you where you are! There’s so much more in store for you but the weight of unforgiveness can keep you from moving to your HIGHER SELF!

If you really want to get over THAT, allow these words to guide you in the beginning of your forgiveness journey.

“I fully and freely forgive. I loose you and let you go. So far as I am concerned, that incident between us is finished forever. I do not wish to hurt you. I wish you no harm. I am free, you are free, and all is well between us.” Ponder, Catherine. The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Floyd, VA. Wilder Publications, Inc.

Forgiveness really is the answer!

Don’t forget to forgive yourself for some of the choices you made that you continue to struggle with! A new you begins with forgiveness.