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  • Fri 16, 2021

Heal…. So You Can HEAR!

Painful experiences seem to be a normal part of the earthly experience, and no one is excluded. The trauma caused by some situations that the pain leaves behind can be so deep that it’s felt physically. It’s in these moments that we understand that emotional pain can hurt a lot worse than physical pain, and it can last a lot longer. Because healing is an intentional process, many do not take the necessary steps to deal with the pain and trauma before “moving on” with their lives. Life does not wait until you get over one issue before it hands you another. You’ve heard the expression, “when it rains, it pours”! This has found to be true for so many. And because life has a tendency to pile on the problems, many don’t have time to deal with the “residue” of one painful situation before dealing with another. It’s hard to heal when you’re constantly hurting. But, you have to.

Healing is a personal decision that requires intentional determination to not allow a certain person/place/situation to affect you again. This is not an overnight process and that’s why many abandon the idea. Instead, a lot of people become “busy” with life and allow themselves to be consumed by certain things. Some indulge in food, fitness, pick up a new hobby, travel, consume themselves with work or in their business, drink, do drugs, many other distractions; all in the name of dealing with the pain, but they never really do. Masking the pain or not focusing on it does not make it go away. In fact, it makes it worse. Anything that you do not deal with will FORCE it’s way back to the surface, in a manner that’s not so pleasant. Ignoring an issue and avoidance is not dealing with it.

I am an advocate for PROTECTING YOUR PEACE and removing yourself from situations that can bring the negativity out of you; however I also believe that we have a responsibility to confront certain issues so those problems do not present themselves later. Many people do not confront their issues or the individuals that bring them out of fear of being met with aggression. But this does not have to be. It’s highlighting what’s causing the pain, addressing the problem, setting boundaries, and moving forward. It’s a necessary step towards correctly healing.

Pain changes you! It’s hard to accept, understand, see, communicate, live, and just BE when you’re hurting and haven’t properly healed. Pain blocks your ability to HEAR, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. This is so vitally important because the things we hear leads to what we allow to settle in our heart. If you’re not “hearing” correctly, you can fill your heart with bitterness, lies, assumptions, and distorted views.

Heal so you aren’t making decisions based on your emotions but more so based on your assignment, goals, and mission. Heal so you’re able to see that ALL things are working in your favor. Heal so you can move closer towards peace and further away from disharmony. Heal because YOU deserve to be the BEST that you can be. Healing takes back your control and puts you in charge of how you respond and react.

Your desires, goals, dreams, plans, and future is depending on you to heal in every place that you are hurting so you can move forward towards your better place. Because healing is a process and does not happen overnight, you have to FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALING, EVERY SINGLE DAY! It will not be easy but it will be worth it. You are worth your healing.

Stop living in pain! You do not have to just exist, you can LIVE and BE HAPPY, HEALTHY, and WHOLE! This is no way suggesting that once you heal from a certain issue that your life will become perfect. Absolutely not! This does propose that once you release the pain, you will experience a sense of freedom of no longer being bound to what HAS happened.

Heal so you can HEAR and mend your HEART!

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  1. Pain is just the weakness leaving your body! Let it ALL go and let God.

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